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Our Vision

"To enrich the lives of every citizen in the country."

Our Journey

Founded in 1992 by the Agrawal Family, RMC Group has a long standing reputation for competence, trust, reliability & quality. These values are embedded into the very core of the group and it is what is leading it to be world class players in the country. The group has faced many obstacles such as the Maoist Insurgency in its years of operations but has never deterred from its path. Over the years, it has leaped from a medium-scale manufacturer of Tin Paint Canisters to a large conglomerate having more than 20 products in its portfolio. They have become the pioneers in the development of the metal industry. They were the first to start the production of 8" M.S. Black Pipes while also reducing the amount of steel imports from Japan. Being the first Nepalese company to export its products to India, they are now among the largest exporters of M.S. Black Pipes to India. By exporting over 40% of their output, they have helped Nepal gain traction in the international market. Who would have thought that the family's learn-by-do approach would pay off in such big ways. Lack of experience of the founders never deterred their conviction for success and helped them take risks which gave amazing results. The group's growth over the years is a testament to this fact. Strict healthy working environments with climate controlled plants; state of the art machinery & equipment and the bench marked processes & practices have assisted the group in giving quality products consistently over the years and allowed it to grow into what they are today.

Rise of RMC Group

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